About Yoga Directory

For the past 25 years our passion and vocation has been technology and marketing. We started our own business as an Internet consultant specializing in the hospitality industry in marketing, sales and service. We have always had an interest in yoga, and all things related to improving the mind and the quality of life for ourselves and others.

We developed YogaDirectory.info to bring products and services to those seeking to learn more about alternative health solutions by implementing our skills and knowledge of marketing, the internet and social media.

As we continued to work with Yoga Professionals, helping them with their online and offline marketing, we saw a need for a better way for them to:

  • Market their practices more effectively
  • Get more clients
  • Build their businesses
  • Sell more products
  • Help more people
  • And...make more money

This better way became YogaDirectory.info - a directory for consulting Yoga Professionals who want to get their businesses, practices, products and services out to more potential clients.

If a professional wants to present themselves to people who have a need for their services, they need to look credible and be found. With a listing in the Yoga Directory, you will do just that.. be credible and be found by potential clients and students.

We do this by utilizing current search engine optimization strategies and tools, which is one of my specialties. Your site will be rich with your content, and rich in search terms your prospects are looking for.

We created this directory rich with resources, each of which is key word optimized for the search engines. We also wanted an affordable online directory where Yoga can be found by potential clients and product buyers.

You'll have a place to indicate where you practice, your areas of specialization, products, services, contact information, so anyone in the world searching for those terms or styles has a better chance of finding you.

The Yoga Directory is a place for those who want to:

  • Stand out from their competition
  • Create more visibility for every product and service they offer
  • Develop opportunities for others to distribute their documents, much like an article directory
  • Get more clients
  • Build their business
  • Sell more products
  • Help more people
  • And...make more money

We believe with a listing in the Yoga Directory and being properly indexed...the world will find you when searching for your practice or specialty.

Yoga Directory
Winter Garden, FL

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