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For yoga teachers and studios that would like to increase their visibility and bring more students into their business, we off the levels below. There are no contracts, and you may cancel your listing at any time.

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Plan Comparison

Features Free Basic Advanced* Premium*
Yoga Styles 1 2 5 Virtually Unlimited
Total Listings 1 1 2 5
Featured Sidebar Display No No YES YES
Photo/Logo 1 1 2 3
Listing Title YES YES YES YES
Postal Address YES YES YES YES
Zip/Postal Code YES YES YES YES
E-Mail Address YES YES YES YES
Website Link YES YES YES YES
Website Anchor YES YES YES YES
Social Network Links
(Facebook, Twitter, etc)
0 1 3 6
Phone Number YES YES YES YES
Map/Route No YES YES YES
Calendar No No YES YES
Hours 100 200 500 1000
Description (Characters) None 400 1000 2000
Number of Videos 1 1 5 Virtually Unlimited
Number of Audios 1 1 5 Virtually Unlimited
Number of Products 3 3 10 20
Product Images YES YES YES YES
Number of Images 1 1 1 2
Online Documents YES YES YES YES
Number of Articles (Each with its own Resource Box) 1 5 10 Virtually Unlimited
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YOU SAVE $1501
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Facts and information at this website are believed to be accurate at the time they were placed on the website.
Changes may be made at any time without prior notice. All data provided on this website is to be used for information purposes only.


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"We needed more students brought them to us."


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